Slate & Tiled Roofing

Replacement & Repairs for Tiled & Slate Roofing

Replacement Roof Tiles & Slate

All roofs have a finite lifespan. If your roof is nearing the end of its usefulness, replacing it will depend on several factors.

Like for like materials are often the most obvious choice, but might be dependent on the state of your roof trusses. Cheaper tiles may be too heavy for your roof to support safely.

We can advise on the best solution for your home, to keep you safe and protected from the elements at an affordable price.

A damaged or old roof can have an expensive impact on your property, allowing water damage that can often go unnoticed for years. This leads to potentially huge problems later on.

We can advise on your options & get any requirement work completed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

Repairs for Slate & Tiled Roofing

Slates and tiles can become dislodged, not only posing a risk for people below, but allowing the weather to damage your home.

High winds & storms frequently shift loose or badly fixed tiles and slates, and seemingly minor damage to just one or two tiles or slates can soon cause a much bigger problem as high winds can get into the gap and lift larger sections of your roof.

As we see more severe and more frequent storms in the UK, weak or vulnerable roofs are more susceptible to damage.

We install new and replacement slate and tile roofs as well as carrying out small and large roof repairs across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.

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